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The residents It was a lot of fun But I don t think anyone else would be so entertained by this I fell so hard for Ian and Kate in Heart Shaped Hack and was beyond excited to get an update I imagined that married life would be a hilarious adventure for the two of them and I wasn t really wrong There were definitely scenes that made me laugh out loud Ian is as cocky and adorable as ever moments that had me on the edge of my seat and I found myself thoroughly entertainedWhat was missing for me in White Hot Hack was romance I think The love is there and it is wonderful The humor The adventure All there But I never really felt the butterflies The charm of Heart Shaped Hack was in the pursuit and relationship building There were times before things really ramped up in this book where things felt sort of mundane in that way marriages get I suppose However what it lacked in romance it than made up for in adventure and the feels came in other ways Please don t get me wrong I wasn t disappointed in White Hot Hack it just didn t uite give me the same emotional experience that Heart Shaped Hack didThat said Ian is still Ian and I freaking LOVE Ian He s one of my favorite book boyfriends of all time He s adorable incorrigible hilarious and possibly the best husband ever I am as crazy about him as I ever was I loved their life together I loved the adventure pieces in this book and I love how smartly written it was it sucked me in and ept me entertained and for a while on the edge of my seat from start to finishI m curious and a bit intrigued to now if there will be to this story Kate and Ian s story wrapped up beautifully and in a most satisfying manner and yetthere are still some plot points dangling out there Joshua Morrison WTF which seem to be teasing me that there may be at least one book in this series I d like that as I ve thoroughly enjoyed these two books They re exciting smart and witty and I would be eager for down the road Shelly 4 stars I was thrilled to be back with Kate and Ian All of the hilarious banter sexiness and adventure that I loved in the first book were here too Tracey never relies on drama for the sake of drama She writes a smart adult relationship As always Ian likes to walk the line of what s appropriate but it makes for a really fun read I loved having of their story As a beta reader and a friend of Tracey s I can t give a full review and rating but I couldn t resist giving my 2 cents Enjoy It Was A Bit Of A Roller CoasterThe First 45% I Was BoredAt 50% The Hero Finally Has The Banter And Personality I Love From At About 70% It Gets Technical Explaining The Hacking Part Kinda BoringI Had To Suspend Disbelief For Last 20%The Epilogue Saved This Book For Me Finally Giving Kate And Ian A Happy Ever AfterCould Be Read As A Stand Alone But You Would Not Love Kate And Ian s Story As MuchI Love The Writing And Will Read More From This Author I LOVED this book What a perfect conclusion to Kate and Ian s story This book had everything great banter sexy times humor and suspense I was actually surprised by how suspenseful this book was Ian is one of my all time favorite book boyfriends he is absolutely perfect This was so good and I m sad that Kate and Ian s story is over even though I adored the epilogue I d love another book with Kate and Ian I can t recommend this series enough especially if you love great banter. Urity and the task force could really use Ian’s helpKate and Ian have always worried that their past would catch up to them and when faced with the biggest showdown of their lives they must capitalize on the one thing they excel at most teamwork Ian claims no one is a better hacker than him but in order to triumph he’ll have to prove it And if he can’t he risks losing the woman whose heart he worked so hard to hackThis is the second and final book in the Kate and Ian series The first book Heart Shaped Hack can be read as a standalon.

REVIEWED BY JENNTHIS IS NOT A STANDALONE HEART SHAPED HACK MUST BE READ BEFORE STARTING THIS BOOK Sometimes I feel like there s the two of us and then there s the rest of the world Do you ever feel like thatAll the time White Hot Hack is the story about what happens AFTER the happily ever after This is NOT your typical love story This is what happens when Katie and Ian have to answer for the repercussions that occur during their wild ride in book 1 No one can accuse Graves of not doing her research This isn t an author that said I think I ll make my hero a hacker and then make it up as she went along I now now so much about hacking that I am relatively confident that I could hack my own Porsche if I actually had one I crave stories where the author is Unseen City knowledgeable about their subject matter Inow this is a fictional romance novel but it still has to Art keep me engaged and Graves does that with every word she puts on the page Her writing is flawless and enthralling White Hot Hack has as much suspense as it does romance and iteeps you guessing with each turn of the page Ian and Kate s complete and total devotion to each other spills out in Graves writing Neither one of them regret the situation they are in God Is in the Crowd knowing they are together because of it There was nothing sexier than the blind determination Ian had in his uest toeep Kate safe He would stop at NOTHING and it just made me love him than I already did Kate s willingness to transform her entire life to be with Ian was nothing short of commendable She wasn t a woman who changed herself for man in a weak way but in the strongest way possible She loves Ian beyond all words and doesn t hesitate to show him She doesn t bow to his will but challenges him and Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard keeps him on his toes Kate and Ian are constantly tested throughout their journey but their partnership is unshakable 5 STARS The geeked out adventures of Ian and Kate continue in White Hot Hack where the couple find themselves navigating the new phase of their relationship Rife with humor and sensuality this seuel reminded me immediately of why I fell so hard for this techie couple in the first place From the very first page I was pulled back into their world and consumed by it This story line is so much fun so addictive and thanks to this author s uniue lovely writing style it s eually smart and witty and charmingWhite Hot Hack follows Ian and Kate through a number of escapades as they begin working alongside each other as hackers I love the dynamic between Kate and Ian the business mixed with pleasure mixed with humor that comes along with working together in the way they do But what I loved most about this story is that Kate isn t just Ian s wingman Working with Ian in this crazy field Kate discovers parts of herself she never realized existed discovering a skill set that really drives their business and also allows for humor witty dialogue and a boat load of close calls within the story This series is so different than anything I ve ever read before and I just can t get enough if itTracey Garvis Graves weaves such a smart witty storyline in White Hot Hack This book reads like a rom com but it s not silly It s brilliant and uirky and fun and so refreshing The comedic timing in this story together with the uick banter and a deliciously steamy romance culminate into a charming humorous authentic storyline I just adored. Their love story began in Heart Shaped Hack Join Kate and Ian for the thrilling conclusion in White Hot HackWhen cybercriminals doxed undercover hacker Ian Bradshaw and forced him to flee he begged Kate Watts for forgiveness and vowed never to hurt her again He also convinced her to marry him and when their idyllic summer on Roanoke Island comes to an end the newlyweds relocate to their new home deep in the heart of Virginia’s horse and wine country Ian still struggles with boundaries but heeeps Kate’s lingerie drawer filled with su.

White Hot Hack is the full package laugh out loud humor swoon worthy romance steamy sensuality and some edge of your seat suspense Well written and superbly developed Garvis Graves follows up Heart Shaped Hack with a seuel that delivers all I d hoped it would and so much 35 4 s After all the drama from the first book we get to read about Kate and Ian settling down and enjoying some uiet normal lifeor do we I really enjoyed getting to read about Ian and Kate and I really enjoyed reading about them as a couple and all their couple things their numbered The Matriarchs (The Family kisses and Ian s endless supply of lingerie for Kate What I wasn t too crazy about was all the hacking and it wasn t actually about the hacking itself but the incessant details It was putting me to sleep zzzzzBut normal life is putting both Ian and Kate to sleep so they step things up slowly at first All that does is feed the fire and soon things are pretty much back to the way they were but with a few changes and one addition However soon drama comesnocking at their door and all hell breaks loose I really wasn t expecting the author to go to the lengths that she did Another surprise but a good one was all the romance and steamy scenes Tracey Garvis Graves has really step up her writing in this department Although it makes me sad for Anna and TJ I wish they could have these steamy scenesI thoroughly enjoyed the wrap up and how things worked out for everyoneeven Charlie 5 Sweet Stars After having to fake his own death Ian and Kate are trying to live a normal married life Well the most they can with fake identities with Ian being recruited again for the FBI and trying to build a new company from scratch Until a threat from the past refuses to be forgotten and threatens their new found uiet life They just want to live their marriage uietly but it seems their HEA won t be possible without a fight I fell in love with the first book in this series so to say that I was anxiously awaiting this book is an understatement It was a perfect ending for an amazing story of an even amazing couple Although the first book can be read as a stand alone I strongly advise you to read this seuel And if you haven t read the first one anyway honestly what are you waiting for Rating 5 Stars Characters Development Ian and Kate are one of my favorite couples and I feel l could read 20 books about them and would never get tired I loved to see their marriage on this book and it made me love them even Ian was your easy going sweet and sexy geek and Kate your sweet and fiercely loyal and sassy heroine I love them as individuals and I definitely love them as couple Steam Some hot moments Sensible Subjects view spoiler Stalker issues Some violence hide spoiler I think this review summed it up best for me general it was just nice I was sooooo bored for the majority of the first half i missed the fun and build to the romance I needed so much but really i don t think there could ve been a lot done with the 2nd book unless it got dark with some Notes for the Everlost kidnapping or something Honestly I was mostly bored silly Inow there was a suspense plot barely It was slow repetitive way too much technical information about their jobs The only interesting thing about this book is it was set in my home town And the author must have lived there at some point because she got it really right Down to the stores roads and descriptions of. Rprises and there’s no shortage of number six isses There’s even a fast new car to replace his beloved ShelbyIan promised Kate that life with him would never be boring but spending her days picking out paint colors and going to Pilates isn’t going to cut it Meanwhile Ian discovers that building a white hat security firm from the ground up seems harder the second time around and he might have underestimated how much he’d miss the undercover work he walked away from To make matters worse the hacktivists are threatening national sec.

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PDF KINDLE White Hot Hack Î Tracey Garvis Graves

Tracey Garvis Graves is the New York Times Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary fiction Her debut novel On the Island spent 9 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list has been translated into thirty one languages and is in development with MGM and Temple Hill Productions for a feature film She is also the author of Uncharted Covet Every Time I Think of